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The Dental Scaler

The Dental Scaler - Monsique

The Dental Scaler

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    The first thing people notice about you is your teeth !

    Don't let plaque ruin that moment.
     The Dental Scaler is an ultrasonic dental scaler recommended by dentists.
    Détartreur Dentaire à Ultrasons
    The Dental Scaler allows you to :
    ✔︎ Get rid of plaque.
    ✔︎ Keep your breath fresh.
    ✔︎ Get whiter teeth.
    ✔︎ Save the time and ESPECIALLY the money needed for a dentist appointment.
    ✔︎ Waterproof
    ✔︎ Use The Dental Scaler from the comfort of your bathroom.
    ✔︎ Maintain healthier gums and whiter teeth to prevent and eliminate the risk of serious diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cavities, or infections due to tartar build-up.

    Currently, tooth whitening services are very expensive, and oral diseases are becoming more and more common due to our modern diet.
    Ultrasonic cleaning has been used for many years by professionals and today it finally comes to you thanks to The Dental Scaler.
    The Dental Scaler uses gentle ultrasonic vibrations to remove plaque and tartar. It instantly makes you feel as if you have just left the dentist's office after a thorough cleaning.

    ✔︎ Reaches all your teeth easily with the right vibration power thanks to its ergonomic design.
    ✔︎ Easy to use.
    ✔︎ Painless and effective: after use, your teeth will be noticeably whiter and free of bad breath and plaque.

    Product features
    Rated voltage : 5V
    Rated current: 500mA
    Train position: 5
    files Built-in lithium battery: 3. 7V
    Sealing rating: IPX6
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